quiet night

it was a quiet night last Monday. Heads down in silent working. Sipping tea picking through coloured strands. No more snacks due to lack of funds and the fact that the kitchen was renovated and is now staff only. It makes the group feel less festive, but we’ll get used to it.

recycled materials is what we have, it’s not always what is desired – painting with house paint vs. luscious acrylics from the art store. And the sewing machine: what drama! It weighs a ton but it is a rolls royce. it got fixed over the break, and lugged all the way back to Evangeline only to realize that the bobbin still wont wind… the repair was not complete… it’s the frustration of poverty that bows our head and directs our gaze to pink and pearlescent beads.

We take all the little things, we have no choice. The space is one of pulling together, tenuous connecting to resist the onslaught. waiting for the knowing touch…

Our most recent group project is the mobile. It has a ways to go before its story is told… each week something new appears.


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