New project: Peace, Coexistence and Non-interference

We started another group project. This is the beginnings of a blanket. Those crochet people among us will do different colored rows- passing the blanket around for each of us to add in our stitches.

This blanket will go to the oshkimaadiziig-unity-camp, a camp being held by Anishnabek peoples on the contested land of what is called Awenda Park, Ontario. The camp is a call for the recognition and enactment of the Anishinabek-Haudenosaunee Friendship Wampum Belt, located at Council Rock. Their goals are:

  • Re-establishing clan governance, intertribal agreements and other forgotten traditional societies
  • Emancipation of illegal Canadian policies
  • Peer to peer counselling
  • Ceremonies
  • Hunting/fishing
  • On the land skills training
  • Contemporary/traditional story telling
  • Biiskabiiyang “decolonization” workshops
  • 7th  fire Anishinabek/2012 Maya prophecy awareness

This camp hopes to contest the imposition of racist and illegal laws of the Crown and Canadian government such as the Indian Act and Specific Land Claims Policy. Rather it aims to respect the 24 Nations Belt, Two Row Wampum, the One Dish One Spoon and Anishinabek-Haudenosaunee Friendship Belt which are based on Peace, Coexistence and Non-interference.

We are inviting all the Nations represented in these Belts and other allies including Canadian Citizens to mobilize in the strengthening of these Nation to Nation Agreements. This Camp is a place for the voice of the voiceless.                                               (information taken from the Oshkimaadiziig website– please visit and see how you can participate)

There is a call out for camping and building supplies and winter clothing. The many knitters and crochet people among us are excited to put together a gift basket of hand made winter wearables and maybe an art work or two to show our solidarity and mutual interest in the purpose of this camp…


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