Function in the Junction

Earlier last Fall, I observed that our art materials at the Monday Art Group were diminishing and I was wondering if the group would come to a close when our materials ran out. As much as we successfully recycle unused supplies and materials from people and businesses in the neighbourhood, we also regularly need basic stuff: glue, scissors, thread, crochet hooks, beads…. the list goes on. We have no regular funding, so we end up purchasing stuff on our own dime. This is one of the realities of doing this kind of art. While granting agencies provide funds for specific short term projects ongoing funding is not generally available. But we feel both compelled and a sense of importance to maintain a regular practice and presence with the women at Evangeline.

So it is really great for us that this year Function in the Junction is giving the proceeds of the event to the Red Wagon Collective. This will allow us to get the much needed materials we will need to keep the art group going for quite a while. With this funding we also hope to embark on new, strange and wonderful projects that we can share with the neighbourhood.


Currently Monday Art Group is collaborating with the Mashed Economies collective in making a short video. We are in the middle of editing, but watch out for it on the website soon.

Red Wagon has also submitted an OAC proposal to finish the Women’s Stories project. We are planning a public performative event. Alongside the banner designs that we worked on, we have also produced a magazine which we hope to print and distribute in the near future… we’re in gestation… more will be revealed.


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