Function in the Junction tonight!

The Function in the Junction is an event organized each year by Junction Residents Association members. The proceeds from a dinner and auction are granted to neighbourhood organizations and this year the Red Wagon Collective is the recipient. We are very excited to gain this recognition from the community for the work done by the Monday Art Group and the support means that we will be able to both get much needed supplies and do some special projects.

The importance of our work is both that it is a basis of social bonding among women at Evangeline and with women in the Junction, but also, it is about learning and working on the problems of insecure housing and homelessness. We have determined that homelessness is caused by: inadequate minimum wage, stagnant Ontario Disability and Ontario Works rates, lack of affordable housing, and lack of affordable transit. These issues have been long known to advocates, social workers, academics; the city of Toronto itself recognizes the importance of social infrastructure in its City Plan. These structural issues that cause poverty are aggravated for ageing and disabled women who face added discrimination in the job market. However, the lack of political power of poor folks means that the city does not have to act on what it knows to be necessary. The Monday Art Group then also functions as a springboard for the development of public voice whether that be on the issues women face as insecurely housed, or other creative concerns and inspirations that they have and want to share. There is a rich and vibrant community at Evangeline, and it is a part of the larger community, so we are happy to be involved with Function in the Junction.


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