complacency blossoms

IMG_1269-blossom of complacency-2more thoughts on reading homelessness in our landscape (remember we read what haunts our landscape – what presents through a shimmering).

In Toronto our publically elected officials inform us  there is no crises in the emergency shelter system.

there are lots          of beds                        we are told

Our complacency blossoms – emergency shelters are long-term. Fact. It’s been this way for decades. Beds crammed into every space are evidence of what is occurring and being denied. People with bags, and chaos, and desire, and fear who walk for too many hours and are burdened by fatigue.

We seem content with this state.

We need to be unsettled by what we witness. The witness is often thought to be someone who is situated in a political and social space at a great distance – but i think we know this differently on a local level – in our community the witness is multiple and intersubjective. and yet… witnessing as an ordinary occurrence is resisted, denied.


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