Homelessness Flag

A work in progress. Homelessness Flag started over a year ago now and slowly coming together. We have to learn to knit cord to make more people falling through the maple leaf. and more houses that we need, but can’t afford. Not sure what other decorations will transpire…

HomelessflagI remember being at an OCAP rally and hearing a request to refrain from wearing or carrying any Canadian flags out of respect for First Nations. I mentioned this to the group and we talked about putting the maple leaf upside down. Many thought that was a fine idea. I don’t know if that would upset the flag enough that it would be not so disagreeable… Others after feeling it out were bothered by what they percieved as a disrespect. Their comment was that the maple leaf was already broken.

Finally, one artist said she heard on the radio that they were going to change the flag anyways…


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