OCAP – Out In the Cold Report

100_5855(RWC member at OCAP Out In the Cold report release action)

OCAP has provided a succinct and damning assessment of the shelter system and the emergency warming system.

“The provision of shelter beds to people who are homeless is the last act of state intervention before outright social abandonment. After a commitment to living wages has been jettisoned, decent income withdrawn and even the right to housing compromised, all that is left before the authorities wash their hands of any and all responsibility for well being and survival is the provision of shelter from the elements. If this meagre test is applied to the municipal government of the City of Toronto, then the state of the shelter system shows a City that has crossed the line and abandoned people who are homeless.”

– John Clark (Out In the Cold: The Crisis in Toronto’s Shelter System, 2016, p.7)


100_5845(RWC member at OCAP Out In the Cold Report release action)


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