Mother’s Day

thinking about mother’s today. mother’s living in a shelter enduring separation from their children. and all the separations of children and mothers through colonization, war and migration throughout time. mother’s who have raised children and mother’s who have lost their daughters or sons. missing and murdered Indigenous, or shot by police… mother’s who have been killed on streets or who have been imprisoned, abused, exploited, taken for granted, made homeless. thinking about patriarchal society that doesn’t honor women, doesn’t listen to the knowledge of women. put down, undermined, disempowered. thinking about the mother’s that initiate resistance struggles – the inspiring fighters that don’t take shit. the mothers holding society accountable for the harms to the children, to future generations, to the earth. thinking about mothering as what we do to generate community, stitching and mending the social fabric. the labour we pour into our mutual endurance and resistance. to mother, to nurture growth and expression, to encourage and smile at liveliness … aliveness and love. not ideal mothers, just mothers everyday.


(Doll and finger puppet by Kerry)


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