quilt in progress

after going on six years of doing Monday Art Group our first collective quilt arises.

onto our quilt we have brought forth snakes that can signify feminist knowledge. powerful, present, slithering through the land. and cats: wise ones that sense the other side, that bring non-human companionship: the inter-species nurturing of soft fur to gliding hand, purring their pleasure.

we conjure a cabin in the woods: sanctuary from everyday disciplines and stresses of life in capitalism. vines consume the house with natures powers. a forest surrounds the house – dappled light and cool air… an ecos of green abundance to our austerity death economy. a dream place for those of us caught in concrete.

we also bring forth the ballerina, a winged fairy dress, a butterfly shy one leg, and a pair of flying squirrels: freedom to move, express, transform, transcend, and be beauty in our own ways.

and then the dodo bird: a trusting bird that knew no fear and became extinct from mans introduction of prey into its habitat. now the myth of a world without predators.

and finally, the feeling of a glittery hive for us bee queens, or window panes of some glam cathedral for the the lost and fabulous, the joy of sparkle and light….

our first quilt …. almost done



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