A Shared Poem III – Dreams

This week we were tired and hot. Some of us were hungry and broke too. In all our pain we got to talking about dreams, dreams of ourselves, of others. Dreams for our future and our present. Our desires of the every day, and the desires that only surface in our …. dreams. This is our collective group poem.



I dream of being with her one day

Too shy to tell her

But I can still pause at the thought

I live a life full of shattered dreams

all I see is mysery and stress

so I keep my self high just to

avoid myself from all this mess

you are my dreams

you are my love

you were the sunshine of my life

losing you was a nightmare

and now I only see you in my dreams

you took it all, twice, no less! Casting me adrift.

Giving up on what my desires want for me.

It’s not allowed.

Although –

I had a dream of you,

brown skin and dark hair.

Now I can’t look at you

because I prefer you in my dream.

Have a nice day.

Can’t we all get along?




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