OCAP Sleepover at John Tory’s condo!

Red Wagon Collective/Monday Art Group members joined with OCAP in the Sleepover at John Tory’s to protest the 18 million $$$ that the city is supposed to put into affordable housing and more shelter space, but instead is being put into some unused fund! A small group of us brought our Tent Project installation work with us, but due to police overdoing their jobs, we weren’t able to put it up. Instead we lay the quilt on the ground and worked on some knitting and crochet. Before long we were joined by some folks who wanted to get in on the yarn action.

It was a cold, cold night. But the vibes were so great at the sleepover that it made the cold endurable. OCAP served amazing food and there was music, singing and drumming and great speeches!

We also had our homelessness flag displayed, it always gets a lot of attention. We still talk about the politically dubious image of the flag – we think about turning it upside down as a way to symbolically decolonize it. We’ve had mixed views on this.

RWC/MAG were very happy to be part of this action.


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