UnSettling Canada 150

On July 1st, members of RWC joined with Idle No More Toronto and Unsettling Canada 150 Sewing Circle & Picnic to protest the celebration of colonial violence, Indigenous genocide, white supremacy and land theft.

STITCH-BY-STITCH: AN UNSETTLING CANADA DAY/CANADA 150 SEWING CIRCLE, READING GROUP & PICNIC, an action In solidarity with UNsettling CANADA 150 National Day of Action by Idle No More and Defenders of the Land.

Stitch-by-Stitch invites participants to embroider sections of the TRC Report’s 94 Calls to Action onto Canadian flags, to read aloud from the TRC’s 388-page summary report and from Arthur Manuel’s “Unsettling Canada: a National Wake-up Call.”

Stitch-by-Stitch is a work in progress with 19 of the project’s 58 (33 calls) flags complete and an addition 12 or so in various stages of completion. Stitch-by-Stitch’s unfinished status is a reminder that as a praxis of redress, reconciliation is an ongoing process that requires collective and sustained labour. Stitch-by-Stitch will be a porous event. Participants are welcome to come and go, embroider, witness, and share reflections as they wish.

We are hoping to bring stitch-by-stitch to Monday Art Group for a session!


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