A Shared Poem III – Dreams

This week we were tired and hot. Some of us were hungry and broke too. In all our pain we got to talking about dreams, dreams of ourselves, of others. Dreams for our future and our present. Our desires of the every day, and the desires that only surface in our …. dreams. This is our collective group poem.



I dream of being with her one day

Too shy to tell her

But I can still pause at the thought

I live a life full of shattered dreams

all I see is mysery and stress

so I keep my self high just to

avoid myself from all this mess

you are my dreams

you are my love

you were the sunshine of my life

losing you was a nightmare

and now I only see you in my dreams

you took it all, twice, no less! Casting me adrift.

Giving up on what my desires want for me.

It’s not allowed.

Although –

I had a dream of you,

brown skin and dark hair.

Now I can’t look at you

because I prefer you in my dream.

Have a nice day.

Can’t we all get along?




A shared poem II

On what felt like the hottest day of the year Saturday Art Group stayed cool together and wrote another collected poem, building on the topic sentence/question ‘What’s on my mind.’

What’s on my mind (?)


thick stemmed echinacea

easy to break when handled with force

that pinkness seeps into me now when I look

my body feels a new kind of warmness

and I let it

I realize I am healing me


changes in perception

not all that was seems to be gone and what seemed to distorted

perception is now

purely reality

And the quote by many comes into perspective –

Be careful what you wish for!


Wish I were not so shy

But it’s okay

because i got drugs


What’s on my mind my kids

that I love them with my heart the way they smile and

jump and play

my kids i have on my mind all the time


heat of the sun bearing

on my electric eyes

headaches and sadness

wrapped in row upon row of knotted colored yarn

Life not profit


Sometimes roses are red

and sometimes violets are blue,

God how I miss sleeping next to you


the heat of the sun

is a most wonderous, powerful, penetrating light

which carries me through a most profound desolate dessert

endless sequential furnace opening my pores

gathering waters of seasless bountiful liquid

streaming from me

I arrive at my destination dissolved into infinite vapours of appreciation.


– Saturday Art Group 07.23.16





a shared poem


IMG_0502  IMG_0501


Title: Bipolar Balloon

Artist: C.J

Picture taken on June 17th 2016



Today The Saturday Art Group wrote and performed  a collective poem called, ‘My Week.’

same as the week b4

i’m striving
to piece my life back together
each new strand
a personal goal

amazing and Wonderful

chilling with my boo

got a new stolen bike
threw away some fish heads

all my blood tests went well

stressful –
wondering how
to forgive myself

still learning

brings me closer
to independence

allowing me to develop a new perspective

and value of lessons learned

horse chestnut tree
being trickster

green spiky balls
teachin’ me how to relax

same as the week b4

– SAG – July 16th 2016