notes on how to read this blog

tentatively, with curiosity, with thought and feeling, with questions                              uncertainty

question every word

refuse to reify

know  this space of reading and writing and thinking catches small parts of larger conversations and dialogue. There will be error. These belong to the authors as we witness and participate in the lives


in our neighbourhood.

It is there in the interstices, the caesurae, the intertidal zones, the liminal, the holes in the fabric, the spaces between cookies and sips of tea that knowledges arise.

Language for this text arises through gesture, grimace, the half-spoken – where I find myself – at the thread-bare and frayed edge of language. where language is not enough yet it is all I/we have. read knowing that we are all implicated – i, me, you, us, thou, them, we…


the computer intervenes and is a portal. It distorts and infects our relationalities but gives resolution to moments captured in pixels- colours of wool, paint, words carefully lettered by hand. We have to use it. We want to use it. the computer changes the distribution of powers: when we are all together it is I who can’t read a knitting pattern, but here I write on behalf – (I) represent (us) to the world out there. I wasn’t chosen by the group for this task, it is simply that I have access. Us being together should be enough. The (we) is caught in a web of survival – this is part of that. The world we co-create (in here) rubs into the world in which we want visibility. Don’t stop there: we want our making to affect that world that barely allows us to live.


this is because we have no choice. my/our body/s ache and weep. i/you lie down for hours. the shape of our shadows have been cut out (k1, p1 tbl) ssl

marks are burnt onto skin
hours at the corner
not letters but some thing else
it shows in my gait, the way i/you walk without oxygen. blood so pale
her measure almost gone

k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p2

red wagon collective


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