video works

Bursting at the Seams

In the Fall of 2016, RWC and MAG members took part in the Bursting at the Seams video project by sharing our knowledge and analysis, contributing photos as well as some of our anti-gentrification art work. The video was produced by OCAP and directed by RWC friend Rebecca Garrett. The video was projected in front of John Tory’s condo in protest of the catastrophic situation of unaffordable housing and lack of shelter space and adequate and respectful out of the cold programs.


Dark Light

The Mashed Economies Collective and Hazel Bell Koski did a workshop with the Monday Art Group and produced this video. We watched some short videos made by women and then made a word cloud out of our responses. Rebecca Garrett video taped our percussion session and some of our art and art making practices. She also had us enact hand gestures which went with the thoughts behind the words. Then we recorded ourselves randomly speaking the words from our cloud. Marlene Stickings wrote a poem based on the word cloud which she read and we recorded. Out of these things going on we edited this video.

Stopping This Vicious Circle

Monday Art Group member Marlene Stickings made this video during her work with the Journey’s To Health project at Four Villages (2011-2012). While Red Wagon collective did not participate in the making of this video we consider it an important part of the aesthetic conversation that we are engaged in. We present it here in recognition of Marlene’s important contribution through this video and her work with the Monday Art Group.

I am the foundation of corporate capitalism, I fell between the cracks and now exist there

Women’s Stories project participants Lynda Solowynsky and Kim Jackson created the video I am the foundation of corporate capitalism, I fell between the cracks and now exist there for the McMaster University conference: Health, Embodiment and Visual Culture; Engaging Publics and Pedagogies. Our panel was titled: “Informed Consent: leaky, ugly, excessive, impossible.” The panel also included Women’s Stories participant Nancy Halifax, artist Rebecca Garrett and disability advocate Sandra Carpenter.

Video presented:  November 18-20, 2010. The video was re-screened at McMasters Disability Awareness Day on February 7, 2011.


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