The Quilt Project

The Quilt Project arose out of our work on the Evangeline Transformation Project and the Monday Art Group. The knitting and crochet projects that were stitching exercises or that didn’t get finished we started to sew together until we made this big beautiful quilt. We decided it would be a great piece to stimulate conversation about women and homelessness. We made some banner pieces with quotes on them to help articulate the issues.

We have exhibited the work in three venues: The Junction Arts Festival (2010), Capitalism and Culture in the Junction (2010), and at a conference called “The Art of Public Health” (2010). Each has been rewarding for us and multiple conversations have been generated. The work of the quilt – when viewed in public becomes a complex metaphor – for the structural inequities that women who are insecurely and unhoused experience, as well as the gorgeous community that has been created over cups of tea. The quilt becomes performative. And this is something I must consider…. It performs the wish for the domestic as well as its denial in the lives of women living in shelters. But I will close with a wish that we bear witness to the words from the women, as quoted above…

The Junction Arts Festival
Quilt Project 2010

The Art of Public Health



Capitalism and Culture in the Junction


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